For those of you who don’t know, Repticon is a convention for reptile enthusiasts. My husband and I (mostly my husband) love reptiles and we have a modest collection that grew this weekend due to our attendance at Repticon. He wanted to go to one a few weeks ago but I wouldn’t let him because the very same day he told me he wanted to go, was the day he decided would be good to tell me that one of our snakes—my snake, Lefty—had been loose for a week. I told him we could go if he caught Lefty first, but we still haven’t found him. I’m really upset about this because Lefty (a lavender albino California king snake) was the first birthday present Troy ever got for me. I’ve had him for over three years and in that time I have grown quite attached. I have watched him grow and learned his personality and I’d spend hours holding him as I read or did homework. Since Troy forgot to lock the lid of his tank in place which is why Lefty got out, it is easy for me to blame Troy, but he just forgot, he’s only human. But it doesn’t make it suck any less that it was an accident. Now it has been over a month and I am convinced that he is either dead or found his way out of the apartment (which also means he’s dead because he’s albino and not suited to living in the wild) and either way I’m not going to see or hold him ever again. I put so much time and attention into him and just like that he is gone forever.

In an attempt to ease my pain, we got a new albino cali king for me at Repticon yesterday, but this one is a female. Part of me is hoping Lefty will pick up on her sent and come back, but like I said earlier, he is more than likely dead. This new girl is a lot smaller than Lefty was when I got him, she was born in December. She isn’t used to being held either so she musks every time I pick her up. Plus I can’t think of a good name for her, and every time I hold her I miss the hell out of Lefty. We also got another ball python yesterday; a male lesser platinum. His name is Steve and he is a beautiful little snake. I wanted to take a picture to post, but Troy says he needs to settle in and get used to his new home for a little while before we go picking him up all the time. Not to mention he needs to be fed and we prefer not to get bitten whenever possible. Believe it or not, coming out of Repticon with just two new pets was really difficult. We almost got a Kenyan Sand Boa and a Black Mexican King Snake too lol, but I was able to step back and keep control of our impulses thank goodness! I’ll keep you updated on the size of both of our new family members and the progress on their behavior.


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