Week 8 Response

Okay so this week I chose to read some nonfiction from Persimmon Tree: An Online Magazine of the Arts by Women over Sixty. I thought it was awesome that it only includes work written by women, and even cooler that only women over sixty are eligible for publication in this magazine. The piece I read was “Change and All That” by Nan Fink Gefen. This piece is especially interesting because Gefen is 72 year old and she writes about electronics and how they interfere with her group of close friends while they are on a retreat. She points out that they are not as far from the world as they used to be. She also says that the change could be because they are all aging and they are all afraid because they have trouble remembering things more often now. But this piece is primarily about the fact that she is stepping down as chief editor of the magazine.

Some lines that I really liked are: “Without being told, I understood that the world recreates itself constantly and nothing remains the same.” “I didn’t know as a child, however, that change would be so difficult to navigate over the course of a lifetime. I didn’t realize how attached I would become to keeping things as they are.” And “If asked, I’d say it’s good that we’re keeping up with the times as we grow old, but I’d also acknowledge that I miss our past way of being together. But not enough to suggest that we return to it.”

It’s a moving piece and I suggest reading it (http://www.persimmontree.org/articles/Issue21/articles/NanFinkGefen_ChangeAndAllThat.php)!


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