(Disclaimer: Just to clarify, the title of this post stands for: Sent By Ravens, I Love You!). You may recall a post I did a couple of weeks ago about a band I love called Sent By Ravens. Well, fortunately for me they are having another show this weekend, and I’m absolutely going to it. So I’ll get to see them twice in like two weeks, which is unheard of. Usually I only get the chance to see them once every year sadly. Thank goodness, my BFFL Carrie told me about their show on Tybee earlier this month, and the one that is coming up in Savannah on the 18th. It is so easy to get caught up in school and work, and everything that comes along with them, not to mention my marriage (hi honey, love you). Life is stressful, and I often forget to slow down and indulge in something I profoundly enjoy. Seeing Sent By Ravens perform is my favorite indulgence, and opportunities to see them play live are way too rare. But man, when I see them play, all my problems melt away, and for that brief hour or so, all is well. It’s pure ecstasy. I couldn’t possibly begin to describe how powerful their stage presence is, and it is like that every single time. I have seen them at least half a dozen times and they always manage to reach my core. Not only have they mastered the stage, but the lyrics really penetrate you. Hell, Carrie cries whenever she hears their song “Best in Me” and I’ve got to say, it’s a damn good one.

The thing that really struck me when I first started listening to Sent By Ravens was the fact that they are a Christian band. I never imagined a Christian band could rock as hard as they do. And even though I didn’t consider myself very religious or spiritual (or whatever) at the time, hearing and seeing them perform “Best in Me” for the first time brought me closer to God than I’d ever been. It’s a good ass song. Honestly, I love each and every one of their songs.

Another song that really speaks to me is off their first album, Our Graceful Words, and it’s called “True Bride”. The chorus is as follows: “If I don’t make it back, will you keep me? If I don’t make it back, I need to know you’ll keep me! I’m gonna love you like I should—faithfully, unchanging. I’m gonna love you like I should—faithfully. I’m gonna love you like I should—faithfully, unchanging. I’m gonna love you like I should—faithfully, unchangin’.”

The first time I saw them play after the night I met my Troy was when he was deployed to Afghanistan. They played that song and I burst into tears. The whole “if I don’t make it back” part really got to me.

One last song that I want to tell you about is off their second/newest album, Mean What You Say, and it’s called “Need It Today”. It is so personal and strait forward, which is one of the many reasons I love these guys so much. They are raw, they keep it real, and they are just all around incredible. But yeah, my favorite part of this song goes like this: “I had to fall to make it through, I’m taking steps to find the man you knew, ‘cause no one cares the way you do. I found a way to get close to you, lose all the pain I’ve been holding. It’s easy to say I’ll get better soon, but I need it today, I need it today!”

Man that’s some good shit. Every time I hear one of their songs I wonder why they’re not playing on every radio station and selling out huge venues all over the world. I’m convinced that one day they will be. The right person just needs to hear them play. I highly suggest that you check them out . If you just listen to one or two songs, you’ll be a fan for life I’m telling you. And to those of you who do give them a listen, I expect you to tell me how much you love them in a comment! I am SO excited about seeing them in a couple of days, be sure to check back for pictures and videos! SBR FOR LIFE!!!!!!


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