Productivity, or Lack There Of

So, I totally expected to be WAY more productive during my spring break than I have actually been. I’m actually stunned by how little I’ve accomplished. I have this long list of school work I need to get done, and I think I’ve only crossed off like two or three things and my time is running out fast. Luckily, I asked off of work on Monday, so I’ll have an extra day, kind of. My midterm essay for my English class is due Monday afternoon though, and I always freak out when I have to come up with the argument my paper is focused around. I’ve been working my butt off, so I really can’t figure out what the hell is taking me so long. I guess choosing to read a book first was my first mistake. But it was only like two hundred pages! Though I must admit, it took me like four days to finish it. I’m easily distracted. And let’s face it, I would much rather catch up on Grey’s Anatomy, than…pretty much anything else. Hell, I’m still on season 6 for crying out loud!

In other news, I found out that my older sister, Cassidy (age 27), is currently pregnant with her second daughter, just thirteen months after giving birth to her first daughter. I should probably also mention that she has two boys who are also thirteen months apart, but they are like 4 and 5 years old now with birthdays approaching in May and June. Still, four kids under ten…that sounds more than a little terrifying. Regardless, I’d be lying if I denied how jealous I am. I can’t wait to be a mom. But I won’t get in to all the sappy details on how miraculous parenthood is. It’s kind of funny though because I always said I never, ever, even in a million years wanted children—until I met Troy. I mean, c’mon. It’d be criminal for us to deprive the world of the gorgeous offspring we will undoubtedly produce. Unless there is some crazy rule of nature, like how if you breed two big dogs the result is usually a medium sized dog. What if two smoking hot people result in creating ugly people? That would be unfair, but hilarious to third-party observers. Damn, how did I get on this subject?! Well I should REALLY get back to work (or Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll never know). I have so much to write about though! Grrrrr.


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