Can You Trust A Stranger?

So today I was sitting on my couch, chillin, watching hulu with my husband when we heard a strange beeping sound. Troy, my hubby, went to check and see what it was. Come to find out, it was the unit from my previous post (the one with the sex offender). It was on fire. Well I guess that’s an overstatement, but there were three fire trucks, an ambulance and like half a dozen other emergency vehicles. Now sure this is exciting, but really it is weird as hell to me because an apartment too close for comfort caught on fire in our last complex, and this one was even closer. Granted the first fire was WAY worse, but still. Are apartment fires that common? Do I just live in apartment complexes with especially irresponsible people? It’s scary because my mom has been a firefighter for just about as long as I can remember, so I know how to prevent fires. And should one start, I know what to do. Despite all my preparation and knowledge of preventing fires, it doesn’t do shit to protect me if the asshole next door is irresponsible enough to put water in a grease fire. It’s strange to think that I could lose everything because of my neighbors’ actions. I never really considered the amount of trust it takes to have a common wall with someone.


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