Week 6 Response

The piece I chose to write about today was published on Friday, March 2nd, 2012 in Booth. The Essay is called “Life Lessons To Be Learned From The Extinct” and it was written by Robin Black (http://booth.butler.edu/2012/03/02/life-lessons-to-be-learned-from-the-extinct/). There is a humorous tone which I really liked. Near the beginning Black wonders why a Brontosaurus in her daughter’s fire safety coloring book is named Max. One of the solutions she proposes is that his parents liked the name. She describes how terrifying this coloring book is, and how odd it is that the school gave it to her five-year-old daughter on the first day of kindergarten. It is hilarious how Black takes small details of this simple coloring book and reads way too far into them. At one point she suggests that one dinosaurs’ mom is falling down on the job because she drinks too much, and that must be why they don’t have a place to meet up in case there is a fire in their house. On another page of the coloring book, there are two dinosaurs, one a parent and the other a child, and the parent is showing the child how to test the smoke alarm. Black notes that both dinosaurs are smiling, which is not at all the way people generally respond to an alarm of any kind. So they must be deaf or mentally “unhinged” to be just standing there smiling as the smoke alarm beeps that deafening beep. This dark humor comes up throughout this essay, but it doesn’t prevent the reader from taking away something meaningful from reading the piece which I found really impressive.


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