Sent By Ravens Sent From Above

It was late April 2009, and I’m pretty sure it was a Thursday night because I had plans to go to a bar called Dos Primos to see a band called Faster!Faster! play a show. I was on my way to buy a carton of cigarettes from Parker’s gas station, when I received a text from the manager of the band informing me that they wouldn’t be playing that night due to some B.S. and the owner of the bar. So I was pissed and determined to boycott the bar. As I was getting closer to the gas station (which also happened to be across the street from the bar) I saw a group of guys holding up cardboard signs. After looking closely at one of the signs I saw that it said “Rock Show –>” and looked up just in time to hit the brakes and avoid a collision with the car in front of me. I pulled into the gas station, went inside for my carton of Marlboro Reds, and went over to this group of men who were hanging out around this fifteen passenger van with a trailer attached to the back. I feigned anger as I approached them and let them know that I almost wrecked trying to read their sign. Immediately I noticed that these guys looked really familiar to me. When I told them this, they said that they are in a band called Sent by Ravens and that they would be playing at the bar across the street that night. The name of their band and even some of their music that they let me listen to on an iPod was all familiar to me but I couldn’t for the life of me determine why. They encouraged me to come to their show that night, and I told them I didn’t think I would go because of what happened with Faster!Faster! but they persisted in trying to get me to go. When it came down to it, I didn’t find anything better to do, and I couldn’t quiet that feeling nagging at the back of my mind telling me that I knew that band and its members, so I went to the show. It was at that show where I met the man who is now my husband, and I have Sent By Ravens to thank for it. The crazy thing is that after all this time (I’ve been married for two years now) and after all the people they’ve met and all the shows they’ve played, the guys of SBR still remember me! When I saw them play their CD release show this past Friday at The Rock House on Tybee, J.J. one of the guitar players told the whole story to another fan! I couldn’t believe it. Not only are these five of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet, but they will totally rock your face off! They are so down to earth and just all around amazing performers! They have another show coming up this month on the 18th in Savannah with the band Emery, and I definitely suggest that you check them out. If you’re not convinced yet just check them out on Spotify or click one of these links


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  1. I’ll totally check them out. Did you change the look of your blog? I like it!

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