Crème of the Crop

So I just made it home for the first time in just over twelve hours (I work at Starbucks remember), and boy am I exhausted. After working from six in the morning until one in the afternoon, I met up with a friend who is in my History class, and we went to the library to compare notes and to study for the exam we have tomorrow morning at eight. Part of why I’m so tired is because I didn’t sleep very well last night for a couple of reasons, but primarily because the woman who lives in unit 9 (just one unit away from mine) was outside in the parking lot fighting with her boyfriend/fiancée for the second time in three weeks. As I pulled up to my building, I noticed a Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department cruiser parked out front of—you guessed it—unit 9 (also for the second time in three weeks). At least this time it’s only five in the evening, the first time the blue lights flashed through my bedroom window and woke me and my husband up at three thirty in the AM. Did I mention that I have to be up for work at five in the morning? Also, (oh yes, there’s more) A friend of mine who lives down the street drew my attention to an interesting news story she saw on WTOC 11. She pulled up the website for that news station and showed me a story about my neighbors boyfriend. According to the news story he is a sex offender and was arrested because of a domestic dispute. He was wanted out of Coffee County because he violated his probation as a sex offender. He apparently dipped out on “sex offender supervision” (whatever that means). Other charges listed include: “simple battery, disorderly conduct, obstruction, and giving false information to law enforcement” (I’m pretty sure he lied about his name when questioned regarding the domestic violence episode in hopes of avoiding getting caught for all that sex offender stuff). Lovely—I know, yet the story doesn’t end here either. In that beautiful, silent week sandwiched between this one and the one when the cops first showed up, people moved into the two units beside number 9. And it just so happens, that the individuals in each unit have more than one small child—living in an apartment that shares a wall with a known sex offender. I’ll be sure to keep you posted as the story unfolds, although to be honest I hope that dude just gets thrown in jail or something because I sure as shit don’t want to be near him.



  1. THIS JUST IN: The sex offender in the above entry is (according to on the list of registered sex offenders due to a conviction for statutory rape…also, he’s in his mid thirties.

  2. STRANGER DANGER. That is NO GOOD, Katey!

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