Week 4 Response

The piece I chose to write about this week comes from the literary magazine called Ascent, where it was published June 11, 2011. It is called “If Wishing Could Make It So” and it was written by Jim Dameron (http://readthebestwriting.com/?p=899). To be honest, I picked this story because the title is something that crosses my mind pretty frequently. Who doesn’t stop on occasion to think how nice and easy life would be if wishing for something were enough to make it actually so? Over all I didn’t find anything about Dameron’s writing to be particularly impressive, but every once in a while he would put together a pair of words that just worked really effectively. One example is when he ends a list with “undigested et ceteras” which I thought was nice. He neglects quotation marks a lot throughout this piece and that drove me nuts as I read. He also slips in and out of the passive voice, using a lot of unnecessary “had”s which also drives me crazy. He also seems to go on and on about certain parts of the Bible in the middle of the story, which I found distracting. I was also a little surprised to find a couple of typos in this piece, minor though they may be. Also, I’m not sure how well the title related to the overall story. That being said, I’d like to note that it was a pretty decent story when all is said and done. However, I’d also like to note that I am a sucker for old people (which this story is about), so I’m not sure if I actually like the piece or if I just can’t completely dislike anything about the elderly.


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