Week 2 Response

This week I chose to write about a nonfiction piece by Dennis James Sweeney called “Why to Read This Short Nonfiction Account of the Writer Himself” which was published in TriQuarterly Online on January 16, 2012 (http://triquarterly.org/nonfiction/why-read-short-nonfiction-account-writer-himself). I found this piece a bit difficult to read because it gives the reader a lot of information without a lot of time to take in the information and process it. If I’m not mistaken, the entire piece is one sentence which is remarkable. I think this piece was written very well because the author is able to provide the audience with a lot of information in a brief period of time, and he does so in a way that pretty much forces the reader to continue reading until he or she reaches the end. There are some really funny parts like when he talks about thinking that his Chinese teacher was coming-on to him, but then remembered that her mother was asleep in the next room. I think my favorite part, other than the very end, is when he talks about the type of people he observes at McDonald’s at two in the morning and realizing that he might be one of those people.


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