Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Black Panties

As some of you may recall, I work at the Starbucks on the campus of Georgia Southern University. My uniform requires that I wear a solid black polo shirt and black or khaki pants. Since I’m weird, I prefer to wear black pants and a black undershirt, and—you guessed it—black panties, to compliment the required …

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Week 1 Response

The essay I chose to write about this week is called “My Father Stood Loading His Gun” by Lucas Dean Fiser. It was published January 1, 2012 in Pif Magazine (  Right after reading the title I was sucked in. Fiser writes about witnessing his father shoot the family dog when he was just 14 …

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Damn It’s Good to Be Back!

SO! My first day back at good ole Starbucks (the one on campus) was Wednesday, and it was kinda strange because there were a lot of new faces. When I left back in June, most of the people I worked with had been working there since before I got hired. I was a little unsettled …

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